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Medication Reminders

In-home care gives you and your aging family members or loved ones the security and peace of mind they need. The right personal care aides can offer basic medical attention, monitoring services as well as companionship for seniors who cannot live completely on their own anymore and do not wish to be confined to a nursing home. Home health agencies also can prepare meals, help with personal hygiene, do light housekeeping, and do other important tasks.

Your trained home health aides will assist with another critical aspect of your loved one’s well-being – their prescription medications. Home health care services can include monitoring and administering prescribed medication. This is important to maintaining the health of your loved one by ensuring they are taking their medication as prescribed.

Your home care worker can take responsibility for every aspect of your loved one’s medicine consumption, from making sure they are using their medicines correctly to explaining why they need to take them.

Why a Home Care Worker is Important for Medication Reminders

Many hospital outpatients become non-adherent to their prescribed medicines, which leads to extended recovery or complications. Senior citizens have many obstacles to fighting non-adherence to their medication. These can include swallowing problems, vision loss, and an inability or difficulty in getting out of the house enough times per month for refill prescriptions, among other things.

Despite these difficulties, seniors can overcome the numerous barriers to medication adherence if they have the right motivation and support from a personal care aide. Even though a home health aide is unable to administer the medicine or work with any medical equipment, they may assist with this issue by providing medication reminders, while carrying out personal care tasks.

When you need a helping hand with administering medications, DreamProviders can supply a registered nurse for your senior’s health and personal care. Not only do our professional caregivers remind our clients about needed medication schedules, but they also report any side effects so their doctors know what precautions to take before things get worse.

Proper Medication Storage

Specific storage may be required for certain medicines. In some situations, prescriptions that are not stored properly might lose their efficacy or become invalid. Our registered nurses and caregivers understand the need for medications to be stored correctly and double-checked before each use. To guarantee that all medicines are stored correctly, caregivers will perform the following tasks:

  • Keep all medications in their original, labeled containers.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight or in the refrigerator if necessary, and out of reach of children and pets.
  • Check expiration dates and discard outdated medications.

Our Home Health Aides Help Seniors Stay Healthy

At our home health agency, we understand the risks medication errors and non-adherence to instructions pose, especially with our senior clients who take several different drugs. Our home health aides are highly trained and certified in providing proper medication management. They will work closely with your loved one and their physician to ensure the safest and most effective care possible.

Our San Antonio certified nursing assistants are also taught to detect non-adherence signals, track side effects, and document each client’s daily medication administration times in their care log.

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