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DreamProviders accept referrals from home care coordinators, medical practices, individuals receiving services and their families, or other community resources.

Our mission is to provide quality personal care services to people who need them in the comfort of their own home. We have developed an innovative model that provides high-quality senior care services at an affordable cost. Our goal is to provide support our clients need to live safely and live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a meaningful life, and we strive to help those we serve to achieve this goal. Our in-home care services may include personal assistance, companion care, respite care, homemaker services, meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, running errands, household tasks, bathing assistance, transportation, medication reminders, and more!

When to Refer to Home Care

DreamProviders home health aides and coordinators work closely with each client’s physician, therapist, case manager, and family members. If you think any senior might benefit from in-home caregiving services, please feel free to contact us for a referral. Here are examples of when to refer someone to us:

  • A newly diagnosed condition, a change in condition, or a decline in condition
  • Forgetting to take medication
  • Gait instability, falls, or fractures
  • Trouble with chronic or acute pain management
  • Nutritional problems or weight loss
  • Depression or a change in mental state
  • Infections of the urinary tract or incontinence
  • Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, and speech therapy
  • Recovering from joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation
  • Managing unhealed wounds
  • Hospitalizations or frequent visits to the ER

Benefits Of Home Care & Home Health Services

Home health care is a choice for many families rather than a necessity. But unfortunately, it’s estimated that only one in four seniors receives home health care. There are several reasons why so few seniors get home health care. Some older adults hesitate to ask for home help because they view having some illness or mobility issues as shameful, while others don’t understand how being cared for at home could be cheaper, more convenient, safer, or even better than what they’re getting now.

The benefits of home care and home health services are countless. Here are just a few of the most important ones:

  • Reduces the number of re-admissions to hospitals
  • Improves the ability of patients to take care of themselves
  • Increases productivity by reducing phone calls and office visits
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Improves early detection of disease exacerbations
  • Decreases hospitalization costs
  • Assists with aging in place
  • Empowers older adults to remain in their homes longer
  • Fosters independence for older adults
  • Gives respite for family caregivers
  • Avoids assisted living facilities

DreamProviders is equipped with skilled nursing staff who can provide 24/7 emergency response if needed. In addition, our caregivers follow a strict protocol to ensure that each assignment stays on track. This way, everyone receives quality non-medical care at all times.

Make a Referral Today!

DreamProviders aims to help physicians and other healthcare providers connect with patients and professional caregivers to improve outcomes for both parties during short-term or long-term care in the home. By partnering with us, we can help create better patient experiences, reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, decrease hospitalizations, increase access to preventive care, and ultimately save money for your practice.

Our referrals are handled quickly by our team. We gather all the information we need to contact your patient and begin the nursing care process. Fill in the below form and submit it to us immediately. You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your referral request.

Alternatively, you can call us at (210) 908-9998 for intake Information.