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Do you have an elder member of your family that you feel needs care? 

If a loved one needs home health care for seniors or if you have any questions about how they can keep their independence while still being taken care of, do not hesitate to contact DreamProviders. 

If you are more comfortable discussing home health care for your loved one in person, schedule a free in-home consultation with us. Our friendly, compassionate and caring staff is here to provide you with the best possible service in or around the San Antonio region. You can also visit us at:

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    Submit a Complaint

    DreamProviders strives to provide the best possible care in a customer friendly manner. If you feel that you have a complaint, concern, or grievance, please contact us immediately at (210)-908-9998. You may also submit your concern online by completing the online complaint/grievance form. 

    You have the right to make a complaint without fear of reprisal; we take our customer care very seriously. DreamProviders encourages open communication to provide you/your family member with the best possible care.

    Sometimes finding the perfect fit for your loved one can be a process of trial and error, everyone has different personalities and chemistry and we want to make sure your caregiver is the best possible match. To this end, if you are not 100% happy with your caregiver for any reason, we urge you to contact us and let us know, this will enable us to find a better match. We strive for 100% satisfaction, if you feel something could be better, do not be shy about it and reach out to us.

    Not Sure About Home Care?

    If you are not sure about home health care for seniors, whether your loved one requires it or not, these are some common signs your elder may need a hand.


    When your senior starts to forget things more often it can be very dangerous. Perhaps they forgot a critical medication or left the stove on. Regardless of their behavior, it may be time to call DreamProviders.


    When their personal grooming starts to slack or their place begins to show constant signs of disarray.

    Failing Mobility

    When mobility becomes an issue and your loved one is no longer able to stand for long periods of time, when balancing normally, or just walking everyday chores become more difficult, these are clear signs that your elder requires help and should consider home health care for seniors.


    Sometimes, seniors just need company. They may become depressed and their mental health may become compromised over lack of contact with family. 

    This can happen for myriad reasons. But mainly, life just becomes complicated and we spend less and less time with our loved ones. If you feel your elder would benefit from some company, give us a call, schedule an appointment, and find a way to improve your loved one’s quality of life.