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Why Finding The Right Caregiver is Important For a Senior Loved One

They say every person is like a different world – everyone has different needs, different things they like or do not like, and while some people have chemistry, some do not. Finding the right caregiver is crucial for the patient to maximize their well-being. Caregiving services are not a one-size-fits-all. 

Finding a Caregiver is a Process

In some cases, finding that perfect fit may not happen on the first try. Finding the right caregiver will improve the quality of life your loved one enjoys, it is like finding a friend you can depend on for pretty much anything and know they will never let you down. Not everyone will be a right fit though and when in doubt, you should feel comfortable changing caregivers. Always keep in mind that choosing a caregiver is by no means a “final decision.” Sometimes it will be a process of trial and error. Don’t be shy about speaking out and letting your provider know if you are not happy with your current caregiver.

Some Steps to Find The Right Caregiver

Make a List

A way to hone in on the perfect fit is to make a list of what your loved one is going to need. Knowing what your loved one’s limitations are and what they can do is a good place to start. 


If the caregiver is comfortable with what’s required, you know you can move on to the next step. Flexibility tends to be a big thing as well, make sure that the agency provides some flexibility in case of an emergency, etc.


Depending on the mobility or lack thereof as well as the size of your loved one, you may need someone with higher physical strength. Make sure they can lift whatever weight you require and can be depended on to prevent falls and other accidents. 

Involve Them in The Decision Making Process

Make sure you involve your loved ones. This will make them feel like part of the process, and knowing that their opinion matters goes a long way. Also, they know what they like and dislike and are much more likely to know if they have the right chemistry more than anyone else. You should inquire about the agency and the caregiver, make sure they have stellar reviews, and that you feel comfortable trusting them with the care of that special someone.

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