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When It’s Time to Hire a Live-in Caregiver

When most people start to look for live-in care, it usually means at least one of their parents has aged beyond the point where they can live independently without great risk to themselves. It is never easy to see one’s parents in such a state, and when you reach that point, you know it is time to rely on external help to ease these burdens.  

Common Signs It’s Time For Live-In Care

Mobility Problems:  Getting around the home may seem like a simple enough task, but when your joints ache beyond the point where you can just “walk it off” you may want to start looking for a helping hand. It may be that your loved one is having trouble standing or lifting things. Without being to stand for a while, everyday things like making a meal can become nearly impossible.

Memory Issues: Everyone forgets little things from time to time and as we age, our memory, especially our short-term memory, tends to suffer. The problem arises when you cannot remember whether you took your medicine today or if you left the stove on, or even forgetting to turn the car off and having carbon monoxide build up in the garage. If you cannot remember where you left your keys do not worry, it happens to us all, but if it gets more serious, keep your options open.

Inability for Personal Hygiene: Another sure sign that your elders may require help is when their personal hygiene starts to deteriorate. Usually, this is due to a loss of strength and stamina which makes it more difficult to keep up with showering, cleaning around the home, and maintaining proper cleanliness. This is not just a sure sign of needing help, but it can also lead to serious complications if it is not taken care of. Lack of hygiene can lead to infections, mold causing respiratory problems, and other problems.

How To Introduce The Idea

Sometimes the elderly may perceive the idea of someone coming over to provide live-in care as a negative thing. Instead of treating it like a necessity because they are old and no longer capable of living on their own, try explaining how wonderful it would be to have someone helping them with their everyday tasks. Invite them to become part of the selection process and have your loved ones interview each potential caregiver, this way they will feel in control and will be more likely to be positively predisposed to the idea.

DreamProviders Can Provide You The Home Services You Need

Finding the right live-in care service provider can be a daunting and frustrating task. If you find yourself burdened with trying to find the right provider, don’t waste your time and call DreamProviders.

With our expert service, we can properly care for your loved one while you rest easy and with peace of mind.

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