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How to Help Your Loved One Feel Independent While Hiring Home Care

Supporting aging parents or elderly loved ones is a big responsibility, and it can be stressful for those responsible for their care. This is especially true when they are not sure what to do or how to help their loved one feel independent while also hiring someone to help with home care.

You can do many things to make this transition easier for yourself and your aging parents or family members. However, as much as possible, try to avoid making decisions about the home care situation until after you have had some time to think through all of the options available.

It’s also important to remember that for your loved ones to continue living at home, they must remain physically active and engaged with daily life activities. This means that you will both need to work together to find ways to keep them mentally stimulated, healthy, and happy.

Home care agencies offer many different types of services to seniors and their families, including personal assistance, companionship, medication management, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation, and other tasks. They also provide respite care for family members who need a break from senior care. These services can help ease the burden on both you and your loved one.

If you want to learn more about how to help your loved one feel independent while hiring home care, read on.

Have an Early Conversation

Before you decide to hire home care services, talk to your loved ones about their preferences. They might not realize that they need more assistance than they thought. You can ask questions such as:

  • Do you feel safe staying home?
  • Are there any tasks you want someone else to take over?
  • What kind of physical help will you need?
  • Do you get lonely at certain times?
  • Are there any medications you forget to take?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by household chores?

When you are thinking about hiring home care services, it may seem like the easiest option. However, this is not always the case. You need to be honest with yourself and your family about what you each actually need in this situation.

For example, ask them if they are willing to share responsibilities with a caregiver at home or if they would rather live in an assisted facility. If they are comfortable with either choice, you need to choose accordingly. It’s essential to discuss these issues before planning for home care services.

Acknowledge Your Loved One’s Emotions

Many seniors may feel guilty, ashamed, or frustrated because they aren’t able to do all the things they used to do. The first thing you can do is validate their feelings. Tell them it’s okay to feel bad about needing help. Then reassure them that you understand why they think this way.

You can also tell them that you love them no matter what happens. Letting them know that you accept them for who they are and respect their life will go a long way towards helping them feel better.

Ensure They Feel Independent

People of all ages fear losing their independence. When you hire personal care services, you can ensure that your loved one continues to feel independent.

For instance, you could ask your loved one how they would like to be cared for and what level of interaction they desire. Would they prefer to stay in bed most of the day? Or would they instead want to spend time getting dressed and going outside? Would they want to run errands with the home care aide? Or would they like the aide to just stop by to check in on them?

You could also ask them whether they would like to eat meals by themselves or with a caregiver. Some seniors find it easier to eat on their own. Others enjoy having company during meals.

By asking these questions, you can make sure that they feel comfortable in their new environment. This will allow them to maintain their sense of independence.

Home care services from DreamProviders can help your loved one live independently at home. If you are considering hiring home care services, contact us today! We offer free consultations, have several levels of senior care options, and can answer any questions you may have.

Create a List of Responsibilities

Once you have discussed what your loved one would want from home care services, create a list of duties you feel comfortable assigning to someone else. You could write down specific tasks to delegate to a caregiver. This could be anything from meal prep to transportation to doctor’s appointments. You and your loved one can create a personalized plan for the home health care.

Knowing exactly what the caregiver will be responsible for accomplishing will give them peace of mind and a sense of control. When you hire DreamProviders, you won’t have to worry about those tasks being completed anymore.

Manage Expectations

Hiring home care services means that you will be giving up some control yourself. It’s essential that your loved one understands this.

Tell them that you are delegating specific responsibilities to a caregiver. Explain that this is not something you want to do, but that it is necessary for their health and well-being. You must also let them know that you will always be available if they need anything.

Keep in mind that your loved ones may experience some anxiety when they realize that they have lost control over their daily routine. This is normal. You can still reassure them that everything will be fine and that everyone has their best interests at heart.

Hire Home Care Services That Meet Their Needs

When planning for home health care services, it’s important to remember that every person has different needs. Many elders who need home health care suffer from chronic illnesses or mild dementia. Some people may require round-the-clock assistance. Other individuals may only need help with specific everyday tasks. Asking your loved ones and their doctor or nursing staff what they need is a great way to determine what type of home care services they might benefit from when the time comes.

Also, consider the type of caregiving services that you want. For example, do you want daily care or just scheduled check-ins a few times a week? Do you need 24-hour care on occasion? Is there anything special you want to include, such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, etc.?

It’s not always easy to decide which home care service is right for your loved one. However, if you think carefully about their needs, you should be able to figure it out. The more information you provide, the better. This will help the home care provider match your loved one’s needs with the perfect home care services.

Get the Excellent Care They Deserve

We understand that many factors go into choosing home care services. If you are looking for customized home and nursing care services, contact DreamProviders today!

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