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How In-Home Caregiving is Provided With COVID Precautions

The last year and a half has changed everything, especially in the healthcare industry. Before the pandemic, we lived in a very different world, wearing masks was almost considered an extreme that you saved for extreme situations. Gathering with friends was perfectly normal and going to the office was so commonplace that working from home seemed like some sort of millennial dream. Now all of these things have made a 180-degree turn. 

Normal activities we’ve performed, like going to the grocery store, are considered dangerous and having people around you can be a source of concern, especially if they have not been vaccinated.

All these developments make the decision to bring someone into your home to help your loved ones a bit more difficult. We realize this and we are happy to put your mind at ease by answering any questions or concerns you may have. With or without the virus, if your loved one needs help and can no longer live on their own, there must be a solution. 

In-home caregiving can be provided in spite of the pandemic. The caregiver will adhere to a strict disinfecting routine, will wear a mask, and will also do everything in their power to prevent their charge from contracting the virus.

COVID Awareness

At DreamProviders, our in-home caregiving comes with an awareness of how the world has changed as well as precautions to avoid COVID-19

We realize that your loved one probably does not have the strongest immune system in the world. As we age, our defenses wane and we become more susceptible to viral infections and other maladies. Being aware that your loved ones are in danger from the virus, we strive to take every possible precaution to prevent them from ever getting sick. Whether it is wearing an n-95 mask or gloves, constantly disinfecting, or avoiding contact with other people, you can count on our staff to take every measure to keep themselves and your loved ones safe.

Pandemic And Safety Updates

As the pandemic is evolving and our understanding of the virus is still changing and growing, our company is continually revising its COVID protocols to ensure maximum safety. We follow the guidelines of the CDC and keep an eye open for any developments or advisements from the WHO. This is an evolving situation and our safety measures will continue to evolve as more information becomes available.

Get The In-Home Caregiving You Need From DreamProviders

In these trying times, it can be difficult and frustrating trying to care for your loved ones properly. Luckily, DreamProviders is always readily available to help and we can make sure that we take every precaution necessary to properly care for any client.

If you need someone to take care of that important person in your life in or around San Antonio, please fill out our online form or give us a call anytime at (210)-908-9998.