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How Companionship Care Benefits The Elderly

Reaching a certain age does not have to mean losing one’s independence and dignity. With just a little bit of help, the elderly can enjoy their lives longer and lead a more fulfilling life.

Staying Home

Most people agree that they would rather stay at home in their elder years for as long as possible. There is a point when the elderly have a harder time doing everyday things and need practical help with simple tasks such as cooking or cleaning or simply taking care of themselves, this is where the benefits of companionship care become needed.

Physical Care

Companionship care allows the elderly to live at home longer. When we are young it is hard to imagine what it feels like to reach a certain age. Opening a container may be close to impossible, lifting something that once felt light becomes difficult. Joints hurt, you become tired faster, and, sometimes doing the simplest of things seems like an insurmountable task. Things like preparing your meals, grooming, and even moving about are tasks that may be out of the elderly’s power, not to mention laundry and housekeeping. By having someone around that can perform these everyday tasks you essentially get a new lease on life. 

These examples only touch on the physical scale, but the emotional aspect of aging alone is just as debilitating if not more.

Emotional Care

When you live alone for a prolonged amount of time you can start to feel lonely and isolated from the world. When you live alone in advanced years, these emotional issues become much bigger and can affect your mental health. The elderly are particularly at risk of developing mental health problems from lack of social support, but the right company can prevent that from happening.  Companionship care is not a one-dimensional approach but rather a holistic one.

Social support is critical for seniors. Simple things like having a conversation or watching a movie in company, or perhaps playing a game of chess can make all the difference in the world. The emotional benefits from companionship care range from lifting the senior’s mood to prolonging their life by staving off mental health issues such as depression.

By providing companionship care to your loved one you are also decreasing your level of stress. By having someone keeping your loved one company, you give yourself peace of mind but also the time you need to spend on yourself.

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